The Mezcal when it is drunk in reasonable quantities,
awakens the spirit,
calms the indifference,
stimulates the imagination,
erases resentments,
accompanies in solitude
and makes make the world look much better

Sunlight and hug directly to your table. A generous and friendly Mezcal. Warmth where wisdom of the time brings fruity flavors, wood and smoky tones, ideal to share for the days of sun and rain, to find the balance of strength and joy. Made with love to enjoy.
The Mezcal that Empower your Senses .

Tus sentidos

Empower yourself -

Feel your silky body and let the gentle notes of volcanic stone and wood mature in your mouth.
Live wisdom of a Mezcal with great character, complex, elegant and solemn profile. Get inspired with your transparent view of bright light in your pearl. Aroma that releases smoked tones derived from cooking with mesquite firewood over a low heat.
Live your Power and Dance with the melody of drinking kiss to kiss.

Emblem of Mexico , the Mezcal de Agave Espadín.
See its crystalline body and the subtle tone to green quarry.
Flows with your smoky aroma derived from cooking with oak wood.
Surprise your palate with the defined floral and fruit flavors which provides a natural fermentation process of 6 days in wooden barrels and double distillation in stills of copper.
Discover your friendly essence that redefines your emotions, Lives your Magic and Dances with the melody of drinking it kiss to kiss.