Mezcal Creation

Creación del Mezcal
The awaken , for 8 or even 30 years, the agave has absorbed solar energy, waiting for the moment of his maturity, when the energy is at its maximum, it is when it is caught to share it with others. Once the plant reaches its sexual maturity, the agaves are selected by the jimadores who for generations have the knowledge of get the mezcal.



Cooking is the second stage with more physical demands and the one that distinguishes us from tequila since it is where mezcal receives its smoked profile. We use oak to offer a mezcal with a light smoky touch.



Grinding is the process of maceration aims to activate the wild natural yeasts prior to fermentation.



Our mezcal is one of the few that carries out the fermentation in a natural way, without external agents, only what nature and the local surroundings offer.
It is the alcoholic transformation of the agave sugars, where the micro-environment and the pineapple, the bacteria contribute to generate a unique and unrepeatable profile for each palenque, our fermentation is with bagasse.



By means of heat the stills allow to concentrate the mezcal, the process consists of 2 stages of distillation.



In the bottling in each batch of mezcal is unrepeatable and a few liters of production therefore we identify on the labels the production lot, as well as the signature of Maestro Mezcalero. Each label will be impregnated with bright colors that identify our culture and tradition.